Changelog for Ranged-sets-0.4.0

Version 0.0.2 ------------- Fixed the infinite loop with infinite sets, at least as far as possible. Added lots more QuickCheck properties. Added subset predicates. Added infix operators. Version 0.0.3 ------------- Removed support for infinite sets. They sometimes still work, but generally are more trouble than they are worth. There is no simple set of rules for client applications to guarantee termination. Replaced the "deriving" clause for the Range type with instance declarations. Empty ranges created with different bounds will now test as equal. All empty ranges now compare as less than all non-empty ranges. "show" returns a string such as "3.5 < x <= 4.6", or "x < 23". Removed "maybeRange". Changed "rangeIntersection" to return a "Range" instead of a "Maybe Range". If the intersection is empty then it returns an empty range instead of Nothing. Renamed "rangeEmpty" to "rangeIsEmpty" for consistency with "rSetIsEmpty" Added "emptyRange" and "fullRange" Version 0.0.4 ------------- Added Monoid instances and singleton ranges, courtesy of Jean-Philippe Bernardy. Version 0.2.0 ------------- Reorganised and extended tests. Added "rangeIsFull" predicate. Version 0.2.1 ------------- Require QuickCheck < 2. Version 0.3.0 ------------- Require QuickCheck >= 2.4. This changes the API for the Arbitrary and CoArbitrary instances, so it gets a version number bump. Version 0.4.0 ------------- Added Semigroup instance. Enabled "cabal test". Master repository now on GitHub.