HaXml-1.25.3: Utilities for manipulating XML documents

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A non-validating XML parser. For the input grammar, see http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-xml.


Parse a whole document

xmlParse :: String -> String -> Document Posn Source

To parse a whole document, xmlParse file content takes a filename (for generating error reports) and the string content of that file. A parse error causes program failure, with message to stderr.

Parse just a DTD

dtdParse :: String -> String -> Maybe DocTypeDecl Source

To parse just a DTD, dtdParse file content takes a filename (for generating error reports) and the string content of that file. If no DTD was found, you get Nothing rather than an error. However, if a DTD is found but contains errors, the program crashes.

Parse a partial document

xmlParseWith :: XParser a -> [(Posn, TokenT)] -> (Either String a, [(Posn, TokenT)]) Source

To parse a partial document, e.g. from an XML-based stream protocol, where you may later want to get more document elements from the same stream. Arguments are: a parser for the item you want, and the already-lexed input to parse from. Returns the item you wanted (or an error message), plus the remainder of the input.

Individual parsers for use with xmlParseWith and module SAX

document :: XParser (Document Posn) Source

Return an entire XML document including prolog and trailing junk.

element :: XParser (Element Posn) Source

Return a complete element including all its inner content.

content :: XParser (Content Posn) Source

Return a content particle, e.g. text, element, reference, etc

comment :: XParser Comment Source

Return an XML comment.

chardata :: XParser CharData Source

Return parsed freetext (i.e. until the next markup)

reference :: XParser Reference Source

Return either a general entity reference, or a character reference.

doctypedecl :: XParser DocTypeDecl Source

Return a DOCTYPE decl, indicating a DTD.

processinginstruction :: XParser ProcessingInstruction Source

Parse a processing instruction.

elemtag :: XParser ElemTag Source

Parse only the parts between angle brackets in an element tag.

qname :: XParser QName Source

Return a qualified name (although the namespace qualification is not processed here; this is merely to get the correct type).

name :: XParser Name Source

Return just a name, e.g. element name, attribute name.

tok :: TokenT -> XParser TokenT Source

Return the next token from the input only if it matches the given token.

elemOpenTag :: XParser ElemTag Source

For use with stream parsers - returns the complete opening element tag.

elemCloseTag :: QName -> XParser () Source

For use with stream parsers - accepts a closing tag, provided it matches the given element name.

emptySTs :: SymTabs Source

Some empty symbol tables for GE and PE references.

type XParser a = Parser SymTabs (Posn, TokenT) a Source

XParser is just a specialisation of the PolyStateLazy parser.

These general utility functions don't belong here

fst3 :: (a, b, c) -> a Source

snd3 :: (a, b, c) -> b Source

thd3 :: (a, b, c) -> c Source