Gifcurry- Create animated GIFs, overlaid with optional text, from video files.

Safe HaskellSafe



Produces GIFs using FFmpeg and ImageMagick. The main function is gif.



gif :: GifParams -> IO (Either IOError String) Source #

Inputs GifParams and outputs either an IO IOError or IO String.

   import qualified Gifcurry (gif, GifParams(..), defaultGifParams, gifParamsValid)
   main :: IO ()
   main = do
     let params = Gifcurry.defaultGifParams { Gifcurry.inputFile = "./", Gifcurry.outputFile = "./out.gif" }
     valid <- Gifcurry.gifParamsValid params
     if valid
       then do
         result <- Gifcurry.gif params
         print result
       else return ()

gifParamsValid :: GifParams -> IO Bool Source #

Outputs True or False if the parameters in the GifParams record are valid. Looks at inputFile, outputFile, startTime, durationTime, widthSize, and qualityPercent.