Cabal- A framework for packaging Haskell software

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newtype ModTime Source #

An opaque type representing a file's modification time, represented internally as a 64-bit unsigned integer in the Windows UTC format.


ModTime Word64 

getModTime :: FilePath -> NoCallStackIO ModTime Source #

Return modification time of the given file. Works around the low clock resolution problem that getModificationTime has on GHC < 7.8.

This is a modified version of the code originally written for Shake by Neil Mitchell. See module Development.Shake.FileInfo.

getFileAge :: FilePath -> NoCallStackIO Double Source #

Return age of given file in days.

getCurTime :: NoCallStackIO ModTime Source #

Return the current time as ModTime.

posixSecondsToModTime :: Int64 -> ModTime Source #

Convert POSIX seconds to ModTime.

calibrateMtimeChangeDelay :: IO (Int, Int) Source #

Based on code written by Neil Mitchell for Shake. See sleepFileTimeCalibrate in Type. Returns a pair of microsecond values: first, the maximum delay seen, and the recommended delay to use before testing for file modification change. The returned delay is never smaller than 10 ms, but never larger than 1 second.