Changelog for BNFC-2.8

2.8 Grégoire Détrez <> May 2015 * Builds with ghc 7.10.1 * Add support for JFlex (java) * Add an option to generate files in an other directory * Add an experimental option that turns the AST into a parametrized functor (in Haskell only) * New pygment backend to generate syntax highlighters * Bug fixes 2.7.1 Grégoire Détrez <> October 2014 * Generated haskell code is now warning free * Removed unused terminal in happy * Correctly escape backslashes in symbols * Fix problem that was preventing custom tokens to work in OCaml if they conflict with the build-in Ident * BNFC build is also warning free (ghc 7.4.2) * Test programs return non-zerro exit code on parse error Grégoire Détrez <> September 2014 * Add token support for Ocaml * New option parser * Adds an optional argument to change Makefile name * Add a --ghc option to derive Data, Typeable, Generic in Haskell * New online documentation ( * Derive ``Read`` for newtype decls in Haskell * New option to get the version number --version * Remove the F# backend * Remove the Java4 backend * New Applicative and Alternative instances to ``Err`` * Remove the coupling between building the parser and the pdf from latex * Improvement to the CNF Backend * Bug fixes #92, #21, #34, #33, #90, #30, #60