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Southpaw80.01Assorted utility modules (library, mit, utilities)2015-07-
blindpass172.00Password entry tool (gpl, library, program, utilities)2020-12-110.1.0jlamothe
cabalish80.01Provides access to the cabal file data for shell scripts (bsd3, program, utilities)2017-04-
easy-args120.00Parses command line arguments (lgpl, library, utilities)2020-11-
hocker140.00Interact with the docker registry and generate nix build instructions (apache, library, program, utilities)2020-08-171.0.6ParnellSpringmeyer
hsbc90.01A command line calculator (mit, program, utilities)2017-01-
hx130.03Haskell extras (missing utility functions). (library, mit, utilities)2013-06-240.4JulianFleischer
lambda-cube172.00Haskell implementation of (some of) lambda cube calculi (library, mit, utilities)2021-08-
nicify120.04Pretty print the standard output of default `Show` instances. (mit, program, text, tools, utilities)2015-03-221.2.1JulianFleischer
nicify-lib200.03Pretty print the standard output of default `Show` instances. (library, mit, text, tools, utilities)2015-03-221.0.1JulianFleischer
pong-server100.01A simple embedded pingable server that runs in the background. (library, public-domain, utilities)2017-04-
sh2md42.00Record your shell session and print in the markdown format (bsd3, library, program, utilities)2018-11-
takedouble60.00duplicate file finder (bsd3, library, program, utilities)2022-06-
una100.01Universal un-archiver utility (bsd3, program, utilities)2012-09-062.1.0JohnWiegley
yamlkeysdiff50.01Compares the keys from two yaml files (program, utilities)2015-07-230.5.1acatton