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RandomDotOrg (deprecated)60.01Interface to (deprecated, library, other, public-domain)2008-07-290.2.1AustinSeipp
acme-kitchen-sink70.01A place for dumping that does-not-feel-right code while you improve it (bsd3, library, other)2017-02-
chevalier-common50.02Query interface for Chevalier (bsd3, library, other)2015-03-260.6.0fractalcat
cj-token60.00A new Haskeleton package. (library, other, program)2017-05-050.0.1marnold
external-sort60.01Sort large arrays on your hard drive. Kind of like the unix util sort. (bsd3, library, other)2008-10-230.2OmerAgacan, ThomasHartman
fcf-base40.00Family-of-families instances for base (library, mit, other)2023-01-
fcf-containers280.02Data structures and algorithms for first-class-families (bsd3, library, other, program)2023-04-150.8.2gspia
fcf-family120.02Family of families: featherweight defunctionalization (library, mit, other)2023-01-
first-class-families730.024First-class type families (library, mit, other)2021-03-
flippers40.03Variations on flip for multiple arguments (bsd3, library, other)2014-01-211.0.1ChristianMarie
generic-data-surgery170.01Surgery for generic data types (library, mit, other)2020-06-
genesis90.01Opinionated bootstrapping for Haskell web services. (library, other)2017-11-
genesis-test80.01Opinionated bootstrapping for Haskell web services. (library, other)2017-11-
hdiff62.00Pattern-Expression-based differencing of arbitrary types. (library, mit, other, program)2019-09-270.0.1vcmiraldo
htodo100.01A todo application. (bsd3, other, program)2013-01-200.0.4YoichiHirai
locators210.05Human exchangable identifiers and locators (library, mit, other)2020-07-
logging-effect-extra190.00Supplemental packages for `logging-effect`. (library, mit, other, program)2018-08-052.0.0jship
logging-effect-extra-file220.01TH splices to augment log messages with file info (library, mit, other, program)2018-08-062.0.1jship
logging-effect-extra-handler270.01Handy logging handler combinators (library, mit, other, program)2018-08-062.0.1jship
lub410.03information operators: least upper bound (lub) and greatest lower bound (glb) (bsd3, concurrency, data, library, other)2021-08-310.1.8ConalElliott
marquise40.02Client library for Vaultaire (bsd3, library, other, program)2015-03-234.0.0fractalcat
pdynload90.01pdynload is polymorphic dynamic linking library. (development, gpl, library, other)2010-07-300.0.3AndyStewart
ramus140.01Elm signal system for Haskell (library, mit, other)2017-02-070.1.2NickSeagull
require490.01Scrap your qualified import clutter (apache, library, other, program)2021-07-260.4.11NickSeagull
unamb380.07Unambiguous choice (bsd3, concurrency, data, library, other)2018-03-160.2.7ConalElliott
vaultaire-common50.05Common types and instances for Vaultaire (bsd3, library, other)2015-03-172.9.1fractalcat
verify (deprecated)40.00A new Haskeleton package. (deprecated, library, other, program)2017-05-020.0.0marnold