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adler32172.01An implementation of Adler-32, supporting rolling checksum operation (bsd3, cryptography, hash, library)2018-03-
hash122.02Hashing tools (bsd3, data, hash, library)2013-03-, EricMertens, ryanglscott
hash-addressed140.02Hash-addressed file storage (apache, filesystem, hash, library)2023-02-, Monoid_Mary
hash-addressed-cli90.00Hash-addressed file storage app (apache, filesystem, hash, library, program)2023-02-, Monoid_Mary
hash-store92.251Hash as cache (file, hash, library, mpl)2018-07-150.1.0vrom911
hashable-extras (deprecated in favor of hashable)220.05Higher-rank Hashable (bsd3, data, deprecated, hash, library)2016-01-170.2.3EdwardKmett
hasherize30.00Hash digests for files and directories (apache, filesystem, hash, library, program)2023-07-
monad-hash120.01Monad transformer for incremental hashing (control, cryptography, hash, library, monad, public-domain)2016-05-300.1.0.2akrasner
murmur3440.04Pure Haskell implementation of the MurmurHash3 x86 algorithm (data, hash, library, mit, murmur, public-domain)2021-09-281.0.5PhilippeLaprade, jprupp