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ADPfusion550.015Efficient, high-level dynamic programming. (algorithms, bioinformatics, bsd3, data-structures, formal-languages, library)2019-10-
ADPfusionForest60.01Dynamic programming on tree and forest structures (bioinformatics, bsd3, formal-languages, library)2017-11-
ADPfusionSet150.03Dynamic programming for Set data structures. (algorithms, bioinformatics, bsd3, data-structures, formal-languages, library)2017-10-
ForestStructures320.05Tree- and forest structures (bioinformatics, bsd3, formal-languages, library)2018-12-
Forestry70.01Comparison of trees and forests. (bioinformatics, bsd3, formal-languages, library)2017-11-
FormalGrammars320.09(Context-free) grammars in formal language theory (bioinformatics, formal-languages, gpl, library)2019-10-
GenussFold80.00MCFGs for Genus-1 RNA Pseudoknots (bioinformatics, formal-languages, gpl, library, program)2015-07-
GrammarProducts250.04Grammar products and higher-dimensional grammars (bioinformatics, formal-languages, gpl, library)2019-10-
language-toolkit40.00A set of tools for analyzing languages via logic and automata (formal-languages, library, mit, program)2022-03-
lindenmayer80.01L-systems in Haskell (formal-languages, library, mit)2015-06-
smt2-parser410.01A Haskell parser for SMT-LIB version 2.6 (bsd3, formal-languages, language, library, smt)2022-10-