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halfsplit100.02A library to provide special kind of two-column output for Phladiprelio. (PhLADiPreLiO, data, language, library, mit)2024-04-
phladiprelio-general-simple530.00A generalized functionality of PhLADiPreLiO for different languages that uses hash algorithms. (PhLADiPreLiO, language, library, math, mit, music)2024-04-
phladiprelio-ukrainian-simple1230.00A PhLADiPreLiO implementation for Ukrainian that uses hashes and asynchronous concurrency. (PhLADiPreLiO, language, library, math, mit, music, program)2024-04-
phonetic-languages-simplified-examples-array1410.00Helps to create Ukrainian texts with the given phonetic properties. (PhLADiPreLiO, Ukrainian, game, language, library, math, mit, phladiprelio, phonetic-languages, program, prosodic-languages, prosody, rumba, syllables)2022-09-
phonetic-languages-simplified-generalized-examples-array790.00Helps to create texts with the given phonetic properties (e. g. poetic). (PhLADiPreLiO, espeak, game, ipa, language, library, math, mit, phladiprelio, phonetic-languages, phonetics, prosodic-languages, prosody, writing-systems)2022-09-