skylighting-core-0.7.3: syntax highlighting library

Safe HaskellNone




formatHtmlInline :: FormatOptions -> [SourceLine] -> Html Source #

Format tokens using HTML spans inside code tags. For example, A KeywordTok is rendered as a span with class kw. Short class names correspond to TokenTypes as follows: KeywordTok = kw, DataTypeTok = dt, DecValTok = dv, BaseNTok = bn, FloatTok = fl, CharTok = ch, StringTok = st, CommentTok = co, OtherTok = ot, AlertTok = al, FunctionTok = fu, RegionMarkerTok = re, ErrorTok = er, ConstantTok = cn, SpecialCharTok = sc, VerbatimStringTok = vs, SpecialStringTok = ss, ImportTok = im, DocumentationTok = do, AnnotationTok = an, CommentVarTok = cv, VariableTok = va, ControlFlowTok = cf, OperatorTok = op, BuiltInTok = bu, ExtensionTok = ex, PreprocessorTok = pp, AttributeTok = at, InformationTok = in, WarningTok = wa. A NormalTok is not marked up at all.

formatHtmlBlock :: FormatOptions -> [SourceLine] -> Html Source #

Format tokens as an HTML pre block. Each line is wrapped in an a element with the class ‘source-line’. If line numbering is selected, the surrounding pre is given the class ‘numberSource’, and the resulting html will display line numbers thanks to the included CSS. See the documentation for formatHtmlInline for information about how tokens are encoded.

styleToCss :: Style -> String Source #

Returns CSS for styling highlighted code according to the given style.