quipper-libraries- The standard libraries for Quipper.

Safe HaskellNone



This module is the main interface to the QuipperASCIIParser library. It provides functions for parsing circuits in the ASCII format written by print_generic and similar functions.



parse_circuit :: String -> ([Endpoint], [Endpoint] -> Circ [Endpoint]) Source #

Parse a string containing a circuit in the format output by Quipper's ASCII format. Return a circuit producing function of the parsed circuit, along with a specimen "shape" for the input of the parsed circuit.

lines' :: String -> [String] Source #

Like lines, except that the last line is omitted if it doesn't end with a newline character

parse_from_stdin :: IO ([Endpoint], [Endpoint] -> Circ [Endpoint]) Source #

Like parse_circuit, but read the circuit from the standard input stream, rather than from a string. This can be used to build stand-alone tools that process circuits in a pipeline.

parse_from_stdin_with_handler :: IO ([Endpoint], [Endpoint] -> Circ [Endpoint]) Source #

Like parse_from_stdin, but as a special convenience, this function also installs a signal handler that will intercept the first kill signal (e.g., Ctrl-C) and close the standard input stream. This means that whichever part of the circuit was generated before the first Ctrl-C can still be processed as a partial circuit. Note that the second kill signal will still kill the program. Note that this is only defined for Non-Windows OS environments.