pandoc-pyplot- A Pandoc filter for including figures generated from Matplotlib

Safe HaskellNone




makePlot :: Block -> IO Block Source #

Highest-level function that can be walked over a Pandoc tree. All code blocks that have the plot_target parameter will be considered figures.

makePlot' :: Block -> IO (Either PandocPyplotError Block) Source #

Main routine to include Matplotlib plots. Code blocks containing the attributes plot_target are considered Python plotting scripts. All other possible blocks are ignored. The source code is also saved in another file, which can be access by clicking the image

data PandocPyplotError Source #


ScriptError Int

Running Python script has yielded an error

InvalidTargetError FilePath

Invalid figure path


Python script contains a block call to 'show()'

showError :: PandocPyplotError -> String Source #

Translate filter error to an error message