lens-5.1: Lenses, Folds and Traversals
Copyright(C) 2013-2016 Edward Kmett and Eric Mertens
LicenseBSD-style (see the file LICENSE)
MaintainerEdward Kmett <ekmett@gmail.com>
Safe HaskellSafe





appsT :: TypeQ -> [TypeQ] -> TypeQ Source #

Apply arguments to a type constructor

appsE1 :: ExpQ -> [ExpQ] -> ExpQ Source #

Apply arguments to a function

toTupleT :: [TypeQ] -> TypeQ Source #

Construct a tuple type given a list of types.

toTupleE :: [ExpQ] -> ExpQ Source #

Construct a tuple value given a list of expressions.

toTupleP :: [PatQ] -> PatQ Source #

Construct a tuple pattern given a list of patterns.

conAppsT :: Name -> [Type] -> Type Source #

Apply arguments to a type constructor.

newNames Source #


:: String

base name

-> Int


-> Q [Name] 

Generate many new names from a given base name.

unfoldType :: Type -> (Type, [Type]) Source #

Decompose an applied type into its individual components. For example, this:

Either Int Char

would be unfolded to this:

(ConT ''Either, [ConT ''Int, ConT ''Char])

This function ignores explicit parentheses and visible kind applications.

quantifyType :: Cxt -> Type -> Type Source #

Template Haskell wants type variables declared in a forall, so we find all free type variables in a given type and declare them.

quantifyType' :: Set Name -> Cxt -> Type -> Type Source #

This function works like quantifyType except that it takes a list of variables to exclude from quantification.

tvbToType :: TyVarBndr_ flag -> Type Source #

Convert a TyVarBndr into its corresponding Type.

unSigT :: Type -> Type Source #

Peel off a kind signature from a Type (if it has one).

phantom2 :: (Functor f, Contravariant f) => f a -> f b Source #