haskell-gi-base-0.21.4: Foundation for libraries generated by haskell-gi

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Basic GTypes.



newtype GType Source #

A newtype for use on the haskell side.


IsGValue GType Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Data.GI.Base.GValue

type CGType = Word64 Source #

A type identifier in the GLib type system. This is the low-level type associated with the representation in memory, when using this on the Haskell side use GType below.

gtypeName :: GType -> IO String Source #

Get the name assigned to the given GType.

gtypeString :: GType Source #

Note: compile-time vs run-time GTypes

Notice that there are two types of GType's: the fundamental ones, which are created with G_TYPE_MAKE_FUNDAMENTAL(n) and always have the same runtime representation, and the ones that are registered in the GObject type system at runtime, and whose CGType may change for each program run (and generally does).

For the first type it is safe to use hsc to read the numerical values of the CGType at compile type, but for the second type it is essential to call the corresponding _get_type() function at runtime, and not use the value of the corresponding "constant" at compile time via hsc.

GType of strings.

gtypeInt :: GType Source #

GType for signed integers (gint or gint32).

gtypeUInt :: GType Source #

GType for unsigned integers (guint or guint32).

gtypeULong :: GType Source #

GType for gulong.

gtypeInt64 :: GType Source #

GType for signed 64 bit integers.

gtypeUInt64 :: GType Source #

GType for unsigned 64 bit integers.

gtypeFloat :: GType Source #

GType for floating point values.

gtypeDouble :: GType Source #

GType for gdouble.

gtypeBoolean :: GType Source #

GType corresponding to gboolean.

gtypeGType :: GType Source #

GType corresponding to a GType itself.

gtypeStrv :: GType Source #

GType for a NULL terminated array of strings.

gtypeBoxed :: GType Source #

GType corresponding to a BoxedObject.

gtypeObject :: GType Source #

GType corresponding to a GObject.

gtypeVariant :: GType Source #

The GType corresponding to a GVariant.

gtypeByteArray :: GType Source #

GType for a boxed type holding a GByteArray.

gtypeInvalid :: GType Source #

An invalid GType used as error return value in some functions which return a GType.