gi-gtk-3.0.26: Gtk bindings

CopyrightWill Thompson Iñaki García Etxebarria and Jonas Platte
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The ColorChooserWidget widget lets the user select a color. By default, the chooser presents a predefined palette of colors, plus a small number of settable custom colors. It is also possible to select a different color with the single-color editor. To enter the single-color editing mode, use the context menu of any color of the palette, or use the '+' button to add a new custom color.

The chooser automatically remembers the last selection, as well as custom colors.

To change the initially selected color, use colorChooserSetRgba. To get the selected color use colorChooserGetRgba.

The ColorChooserWidget is used in the ColorChooserDialog to provide a dialog for selecting colors.

CSS names

GtkColorChooserWidget has a single CSS node with name colorchooser.


Exported types

class GObject o => IsColorChooserWidget o Source #

Type class for types which can be safely cast to ColorChooserWidget, for instance with toColorChooserWidget.

toColorChooserWidget :: (MonadIO m, IsColorChooserWidget o) => o -> m ColorChooserWidget Source #

Cast to ColorChooserWidget, for types for which this is known to be safe. For general casts, use castTo.



colorChooserWidgetNew Source #


:: (HasCallStack, MonadIO m) 
=> m ColorChooserWidget

Returns: a new ColorChooserWidget

Creates a new ColorChooserWidget.

Since: 3.4



The ::show-editor property is True when the color chooser is showing the single-color editor. It can be set to switch the color chooser into single-color editing mode.

Since: 3.4

constructColorChooserWidgetShowEditor :: IsColorChooserWidget o => Bool -> IO (GValueConstruct o) Source #

Construct a GValueConstruct with valid value for the “show-editor” property. This is rarely needed directly, but it is used by new.

getColorChooserWidgetShowEditor :: (MonadIO m, IsColorChooserWidget o) => o -> m Bool Source #

Get the value of the “show-editor” property. When overloading is enabled, this is equivalent to

get colorChooserWidget #showEditor

setColorChooserWidgetShowEditor :: (MonadIO m, IsColorChooserWidget o) => o -> Bool -> m () Source #

Set the value of the “show-editor” property. When overloading is enabled, this is equivalent to

set colorChooserWidget [ #showEditor := value ]