gi-gio-2.0.25: Gio bindings
CopyrightWill Thompson Iñaki García Etxebarria and Jonas Platte
MaintainerIñaki García Etxebarria
Safe HaskellNone



DBusMenuModel is an implementation of MenuModel that can be used as a proxy for a menu model that is exported over D-Bus with dBusConnectionExportMenuModel.


Exported types

class (GObject o, IsDescendantOf DBusMenuModel o) => IsDBusMenuModel o Source #

Type class for types which can be safely cast to DBusMenuModel, for instance with toDBusMenuModel.


Instances details
(GObject o, IsDescendantOf DBusMenuModel o) => IsDBusMenuModel o Source # 
Instance details

Defined in GI.Gio.Objects.DBusMenuModel

toDBusMenuModel :: (MonadIO m, IsDBusMenuModel o) => o -> m DBusMenuModel Source #

Cast to DBusMenuModel, for types for which this is known to be safe. For general casts, use castTo.


Overloaded methods


dBusMenuModelGet Source #


:: (HasCallStack, MonadIO m, IsDBusConnection a) 
=> a

connection: a DBusConnection

-> Maybe Text

busName: the bus name which exports the menu model or Nothing if connection is not a message bus connection

-> Text

objectPath: the object path at which the menu model is exported

-> m DBusMenuModel

Returns: a DBusMenuModel object. Free with objectUnref.

Obtains a DBusMenuModel for the menu model which is exported at the given busName and objectPath.

The thread default main context is taken at the time of this call. All signals on the menu model (and any linked models) are reported with respect to this context. All calls on the returned menu model (and linked models) must also originate from this same context, with the thread default main context unchanged.

Since: 2.32