ghcide- The core of an IDE
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Gives information about symbols at a given point in DAML files. These are all pure functions that should execute quickly.



atPoint :: IdeOptions -> HieAstResult -> DocAndKindMap -> HscEnv -> Position -> Maybe (Maybe Range, [Text]) Source #

Synopsis for the name at a given position.

gotoDefinition :: MonadIO m => WithHieDb -> LookupModule m -> IdeOptions -> Map ModuleName NormalizedFilePath -> HieASTs a -> Position -> MaybeT m [Location] Source #

Locate the definition of the name at a given position.

pointCommand :: HieASTs t -> Position -> (HieAST t -> a) -> [a] Source #

referencesAtPoint Source #


:: MonadIO m 
=> WithHieDb 
-> NormalizedFilePath

The file the cursor is in

-> Position

position in the file

-> FOIReferences

references data for FOIs

-> m [Location] 

newtype FOIReferences Source #

HieFileResult for files of interest, along with the position mappings