ghc-internal-9.1001.0: Basic libraries
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Exception context type.


Exception context

data ExceptionContext Source #

Exception context represents a list of ExceptionAnnotations. These are attached to SomeExceptions via addExceptionContext and can be used to capture various ad-hoc metadata about the exception including backtraces and application-specific context.

ExceptionContexts can be merged via concatenation using the Semigroup instance or mergeExceptionContext.

Note that GHC will automatically solve implicit constraints of type ExceptionContext with emptyExceptionContext.

emptyExceptionContext :: ExceptionContext Source #

An ExceptionContext containing no annotations.

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getExceptionAnnotations :: ExceptionAnnotation a => ExceptionContext -> [a] Source #

Retrieve all ExceptionAnnotations of the given type from an ExceptionContext.

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mergeExceptionContext :: ExceptionContext -> ExceptionContext -> ExceptionContext Source #

Merge two ExceptionContexts via concatenation

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displayExceptionContext :: ExceptionContext -> String Source #

Render ExceptionContext to a human-readable String.

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Exception annotations

class Typeable a => ExceptionAnnotation a where Source #

ExceptionAnnotations are types which can decorate exceptions as ExceptionContext.

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displayExceptionAnnotation :: a -> String Source #

Render the annotation for display to the user.