ghc-8.10.2: The GHC API
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lookupGlobalOccRn_overloaded :: Bool -> RdrName -> RnM (Maybe (Either Name [Name])) Source #

Like lookupOccRn_maybe, but with a more informative result if the RdrName happens to be a record selector:

  • Nothing -> name not in scope (no error reported)
  • Just (Left x) -> name uniquely refers to x, or there is a name clash (reported)
  • Just (Right xs) -> name refers to one or more record selectors; if overload_ok was False, this list will be a singleton.

lookupExactOcc :: Name -> RnM Name Source #

Lookup an Exact RdrName. See Note [Looking up Exact RdrNames]. This adds an error if the name cannot be found.

lookupSubBndrOcc_helper :: Bool -> Bool -> Name -> RdrName -> RnM ChildLookupResult Source #

Used in export lists to lookup the children.

combineChildLookupResult :: [RnM ChildLookupResult] -> RnM ChildLookupResult Source #

Specialised version of msum for RnM ChildLookupResult

lookupSigCtxtOccRn Source #


:: HsSigCtxt 
-> SDoc

description of thing we're looking up, like "type family"

-> Located RdrName 
-> RnM (Located Name) 

Lookup a name in relation to the names in a HsSigCtxt

lookupRecFieldOcc :: Maybe Name -> RdrName -> RnM Name Source #

Look up an occurrence of a field in record construction or pattern matching (but not update). When the -XDisambiguateRecordFields flag is on, take account of the data constructor name to disambiguate which field to use.

See Note [DisambiguateRecordFields].

lookupSyntaxName' Source #


:: Name

The standard name

-> RnM Name

Possibly a non-standard name