ghc-8.10.2: The GHC API
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The pattern match oracle. The main export of the module are the functions addTmCt, addVarCoreCt, addRefutableAltCon and addTypeEvidence for adding facts to the oracle, and provideEvidence to turn a Delta into a concrete evidence for an equation.



mkPmId :: Type -> DsM Id Source #

Generate a fresh Id of a given type

data Delta Source #

Term and type constraints to accompany each value vector abstraction. For efficiency, we store the term oracle state instead of the term constraints.


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Outputable Delta Source # 
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Defined in GHC.HsToCore.PmCheck.Types

initDelta :: Delta Source #

An initial delta that is always satisfiable

data TmCt Source #

A term constraint. Either equates two variables or a variable with a PmAltCon application.


TmVarVar !Id !Id 
TmVarCon !Id !PmAltCon ![Id] 
TmVarNonVoid !Id 


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Outputable TmCt Source # 
Instance details

Defined in GHC.HsToCore.PmCheck.Oracle

addTypeEvidence :: Delta -> Bag EvVar -> DsM (Maybe Delta) Source #

Add type equalities to Delta.

addRefutableAltCon :: Delta -> Id -> PmAltCon -> DsM (Maybe Delta) Source #

Record that a particular Id can't take the shape of a PmAltCon in the Delta and return Nothing if that leads to a contradiction. See Note [TmState invariants].

addTmCt :: Delta -> TmCt -> DsM (Maybe Delta) Source #

Tries to equate two representatives in Delta. See Note [TmState invariants].

addVarCoreCt :: Delta -> Id -> CoreExpr -> DsM (Maybe Delta) Source #

Records that a variable x is equal to a CoreExpr e.

canDiverge :: Delta -> Id -> Bool Source #

Check whether adding a constraint x ~ BOT to Delta succeeds.

provideEvidence :: [Id] -> Int -> Delta -> DsM [Delta] Source #

provideEvidence vs n delta returns a list of at most n (but perhaps empty) refinements of delta that instantiate vs to compatible constructor applications or wildcards. Negative information is only retained if literals are involved or when for recursive GADTs.