reactive-banana- Library for functional reactive programming (FRP).

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Reactive-banana is a library for functional reactive programming (FRP). To use it, import this module:

import Reactive.Banana


The module Reactive.Banana.Combinators collects the key types and concepts of FRP. You will spend most of your time with this module.

The module Reactive.Banana.Model is not used in practice. It contains an easy-to-understand model re-implementation of the FRP API. This is useful for learning FRP and for internal testing purposes.

The module Reactive.Banana.Frameworks allows you to connect the FRP types and combinators to the outside world (IO). If you are using an existing binding like reactive-banana-wx, then you probably won't need this module very often. On the other hand, if you are writing a binding to an external library, then you will definitely need this.

The module hierarchy at Reactive.Banana.Prim implements the efficient low-level FRP engine that powers the rest of the library. This is only useful if you want to implement your own FRP library.


compile :: MomentIO () -> IO EventNetwork Source #

Compile the description of an event network into an EventNetwork that you can actuate, pause and so on.