plugins-1.5.7: Dynamic linking for Haskell and C objects

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top :: [Char] Source #

path to *build* dir, used by eval() for testing the examples

ghc :: [Char] Source #

what is ghc called?

ghcLibraryPath :: [Char] Source #

path to standard ghc libraries

sysPkgConf :: [Char] Source #

name of the system package.conf file

sysPkgSuffix :: [Char] Source #

This code is from runtime_loader: The extension used by system modules.

sysPkgPrefix :: [Char] Source #

The prefix used by system modules. This, in conjunction with systemModuleExtension, will result in a module filename that looks like "HSconcurrent.o"

prefixUnderscore :: [Char] Source #

'_' on a.out, and Darwin

tmpDir :: FilePath Source #

Define tmpDir to where tmp files should be created on your platform