-- | Custom GHC "Prelude"
-- This module serves as a replacement for the "Prelude" module
-- and abstracts over differences between the bootstrapping
-- GHC version, and may also provide a common default vocabulary.

-- Every module in GHC
--   * Is compiled with -XNoImplicitPrelude
--   * Explicitly imports GhcPrelude

module GhcPrelude (module X) where

-- We export the 'Semigroup' class but w/o the (<>) operator to avoid
-- clashing with the (Outputable.<>) operator which is heavily used
-- through GHC's code-base.

import Prelude as X hiding ((<>))
import Data.Foldable as X (foldl')

Note [Why do we import Prelude here?]
The files ghc-boot-th.cabal, ghc-boot.cabal, ghci.cabal and
ghc-heap.cabal contain the directive default-extensions:
NoImplicitPrelude. There are two motivations for this:
  - Consistency with the compiler directory, which enables
  - Allows loading the above dependent packages with ghc-in-ghci,
    giving a smoother development experience when adding new