essence-of-live-coding-0.2.6: General purpose live coding framework
Safe HaskellNone



Run a cell at a fixed integer multiple speed. The general approach is to take an existing cell (the "inner" cell) and produce a new cell (the "outer" cell) that will accept several copies of the input. The inner cell is stepped for each input.



resample :: (Monad m, KnownNat n) => Cell m a b -> Cell m (Vector n a) (Vector n b) Source #

Execute the inner cell for n steps per outer step.

resampleList :: Monad m => Cell m a b -> Cell m [a] [b] Source #

Execute the cell for as many steps as the input list is long.

resampleMaybe :: Monad m => Cell m a b -> Cell m (Maybe a) (Maybe b) Source #