eigen-2.1.7: Eigen C++ library (linear algebra: matrices, sparse matrices, vectors, numerical solvers).

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Some Eigen's algorithms can exploit the multiple cores present in your hardware. To this end, it is enough to enable OpenMP on your compiler, for instance: GCC: -fopenmp. You can control the number of thread that will be used using either the OpenMP API or Eiegn's API using the following priority:

  1. OMP_NUM_THREADS=n ./my_program
  2. setNbThreads n

Unless setNbThreads has been called, Eigen uses the number of threads specified by OpenMP. You can restore this bahavior by calling setNbThreads n

Currently, the following algorithms can make use of multi-threading: general matrix - matrix products PartialPivLU.



setNbThreads :: Int -> IO () Source #

Sets the max number of threads reserved for Eigen

getNbThreads :: IO Int Source #

Gets the max number of threads reserved for Eigen