dzen-dhall-1.0.2: Configure dzen2 bars in Dhall language

Safe HaskellNone




initialize :: Bar Marshalled -> App StartingUp (Bar Initialized) Source #

During initialization, IORefs for source outputs and caches are created. Also, new threads for each unique source is created. These threads then update the outputs.

mkThread :: [(String, String)] -> BarRuntime -> Source -> IORef Text -> Cache -> Text -> App StartingUp () Source #

Run source process either once or forever, depending on source settings.

runSourceProcess :: CreateProcess -> IORef Text -> Cache -> Text -> IO () Source #

Creates a process, subscribes to its stdout handle and updates the output ref.

collectSources :: Bar Initialized -> App Forked AST Source #

Reads outputs of SourceHandles and puts them into an AST.

escapeMarkup :: Bool -> Text -> Text Source #

Escape ^ characters.