derive-topdown- Help Haskellers derive class instances for composited data types.

Copyright(c) songzh
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Class dependencies can be complex sometimes, such as numeric and monadic classes. Making instances of them can be very tedious. Functoins in this module will help you derive the specified class instance with all the superclass instances of it. For using this module, you may need to enable the following langauge extensions: TemplateHaskell, StandaloneDeriving, DeriveGeneric, DeriveDataTypeable, GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving, DeriveAnyClass

You may also need to enable GHC options -ddump-splices.

For example:

data A = A
deriving_superclasses ''Ord ''A

You wil get:

   deriving_superclasses ''Ord ''A
   deriving instance Ord A
   deriving instance Eq A

Eq is automatically derived when Ord is derived, since Eq is a superclass of Ord

newtype IO_ a = IO_ (IO a)
strategy_deriving_superclasses newtype_ ''MonadIO ''IO_ 

You will get:

   strategy_deriving_superclasses newtype_ ''MonadIO ''IO_
   deriving newtype instance MonadIO IO_
   deriving newtype instance Monad IO_
   deriving newtype instance Applicative IO_
   deriving newtype instance Functor IO_

Appearently, Functor f => Applicative f => Monad f => MonadIO f

newtype F32 = F32 Float
newtype_deriving_superclasses ''RealFloat ''F32

You will get:

   newtype_deriving_superclasses ''RealFloat ''F32
   deriving newtype instance RealFloat F32
   deriving newtype instance RealFrac F32
   deriving newtype instance Real F32
   deriving newtype instance Num F32
   deriving newtype instance Ord F32
   deriving newtype instance Eq F32
   deriving newtype instance Fractional F32
   deriving newtype instance Floating F32

Some of these examples are from #13668.



newtype_deriving_superclasses :: Name -> Name -> Q [Dec] Source #

Use newtype strategy to derive all the superclass instances.

gnds :: Name -> Name -> Q [Dec] Source #

Abbreviation for newtype_deriving_superclasses.