darcs-2.12.5: a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system

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Text construction.

Text formatting.

formatText :: Int -> [String] -> String Source #

Take a list of paragraphs and format them to the given line length, with a blank line between paragraphs.

formatPara :: Int -> [[a]] -> [[[a]]] Source #

Take a list of words and split it up so that each chunk fits into the specified width when spaces are included. Any words longer than the specified width end up in a chunk of their own.

Text processing

quote :: String -> String Source #

Quote a string for screen output.

pathlist :: [FilePath] -> Doc Source #

Format a list of FilePaths as quoted text. It deliberately refuses to use English.andClauses but rather separates the quoted strings only with a space, because this makes it usable for copy and paste e.g. as arguments to another shell command.