darcs-2.12.5: a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system

Copyright2005 Benedikt Schmidt
Safe HaskellSafe



|A parser for commandlines, returns an arg list and expands format strings given in a translation table. Additionally the commandline can end with "%<" specifying that the command expects input on stdin.

Some tests for the parser.

formatTable = [('s',"<insert subject here>"),
               ('a',"<insert author here>")]

testParser :: (Show a, Eq a) => Parser a -> String -> a -> a
testParser p s ok = case parse p "" s of
                    Left e -> error $ "Parser failed with: " ++ (show e)
                    Right res -> if res == ok
                                 then res
                                 else error $ "Parser failed: got "
                                        ++ (show res) ++ ", expected "
                                        ++ (show ok)

testCases = [("a b",(["a","b"], False)),
             ("a b %<",(["a","b"], True)),
             ("a b %< ",(["a","b"], True)),
             ("\"arg0 contains spaces \\\"quotes\\\"\" b",
              (["arg0 contains spaces \"quotes\"","b"],False)),
             ("a %s %<",(["a","<insert subject here>"], True))]

runTests = map (uncurry $ testParser (commandline formatTable)) testCases



parseCmd :: FTable -> String -> Either ParseError ([String], Bool) Source #

parse a commandline returning a list of strings (intended to be used as argv) and a bool value which specifies if the command expects input on stdin format specifiers with a mapping in ftable are accepted and replaced by the given strings. E.g. if the ftable is [(s,"Some subject")], then "%s" is replaced by "Some subject"

addUrlencoded :: FTable -> FTable Source #

for every mapping (c,s), add a mapping with uppercase c and the urlencoded string s