clash-lib-hedgehog-1.5.0: Hedgehog Generators for clash-lib
Copyright(C) 2021 QBayLogic B.V.
LicenseBSD2 (see the file LICENSE)
MaintainerQBayLogic B.V. <>
Safe HaskellNone



Random generation of type constructors.



genTyConMap :: forall m. (Alternative m, MonadGen m) => Range Int -> CoreGenT m TyConMap Source #

A TyConMap contains all the algebraic data types and type families that are used in a program. This is typically the first thing that should be generated, as calls to other generators like genKind or genTypeFrom will likely want to use the type constructors added to the TyConMap.

TODO It would be nice if this also included types from clash-prelude like Signal and the sized number types. Maybe we want to hook into clash-ghc to load type constructors and primitives from Clash.Prelude.