clash-ghc-1.4.3: Clash: a functional hardware description language - GHC frontend
Copyright(C) 2021 QBayLogic
LicenseBSD2 (see the file LICENSE)
MaintainerQBayLogic B.V. <>
Safe HaskellNone





checkImportDirs :: Foldable t => ClashOpts -> t FilePath -> IO () Source #

checkMonoLocalBinds :: DynFlags -> IO () Source #

Checks whether MonoLocalBinds and MonomorphismRestriction language extensions are enabled when generating the HDL directly e.g. in GHCi. modules.

checkMonoLocalBindsMod :: ModSummary -> IO () Source #

Checks whether MonoLocalBinds and MonomorphismRestricton language extensions are enabled or not in modules.

getMainTopEntity Source #


:: HasCallStack 
=> String

Module name

-> BindingMap

Map of global binders

-> [TopEntityT]

List of top entities loaded by LoadModules

-> String

string passed with -main-is

-> IO (TopEntityT, [TopEntityT])

Throws exception if -main-is was set, but no such top entity was found. Otherwise, returns main top entity and all top entities (transitively) used in the main top entity.