capability- Extensional capabilities and deriving combinators
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Defines discouraged instances of writer monad capabilities.

Orphan instances

(HasWriter tag w m, MonadTransUnlift t, Monad (t m)) => HasWriter (tag :: Type) w (Lift (t m)) Source #

Lift one layer in a monad transformer stack.

Note, that if the HasWriter instance is based on HasState, then it is more efficient to apply Lift to the underlying state capability. E.g. you should favour

deriving (HasWriter tag w) via
  WriterLog (Lift (SomeTrans (MonadState SomeStateMonad)))


deriving (HasWriter tag w) via
  Lift (SomeTrans (WriterLog (MonadState SomeStateMonad)))
Instance details


writer_ :: Proxy# tag -> (a, w) -> Lift (t m) a Source #

listen_ :: Proxy# tag -> Lift (t m) a -> Lift (t m) (a, w) Source #

pass_ :: Proxy# tag -> Lift (t m) (a, w -> w) -> Lift (t m) a Source #