bulmex-3.0.0: Reflex infused with bulma (css)

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Odd tag helpers, these have uncommen html attributes They don't fit in the normal pattern of Abstract



image :: DomBuilder t m => Text -> m () Source #

kindoff hard to set an image tag in reflex

imageClass :: DomBuilder t m => Text -> Text -> m () Source #

first class second src


ahref :: (DomBuilder t m, PostBuild t m) => Text -> m a -> m a Source #

a html tag that accepts any text into it's href value

ahref' :: (DomBuilder t m, PostBuild t m) => AttrMap -> Text -> m a -> m a Source #

ahrefDyn :: (DomBuilder t m, PostBuild t m) => Dynamic t AttrMap -> Dynamic t Text -> m a -> m a Source #


textSpace :: DomBuilder t m => m () Source #

sometimes you just need 2 pieces of text to seperate with a space

Prevent browser default

elDynAttrPrevDef Source #


:: (DomBuilder t m, PostBuild t m) 
=> EventName en

Event on the element to configure with preventDefault

-> Text

Element tag

-> Dynamic t (Map Text Text)

Element attributes

-> m a

Child of element

-> m (Element EventResult (DomBuilderSpace m) t, a) 

From https://gist.github.com/3noch/134b1ee7fa48c347be9d164c3fac4ef7 Like elDynAttr' but configures "prevent default" on the given event. Blocks for example a context menu from poping up on right mouse click. This should be used with caution, as it may be unexpected for end user.