bulmex-3.0.0: Reflex infused with bulma (css)

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Load time manipulation



pageLoader :: DomBuilder t m => Text -> m a -> m a Source #

Bulma loading screen with help of extension: https://wikiki.github.io/elements/pageloader/

prerenderLoad :: (Prerender js t m, DomBuilder t m) => m () -> m () Source #

show input monad while JS is loading, for example a spinning image

Load tricks

withReadyEvt :: (PostBuild t m, PerformEvent t m, TriggerEvent t m, MonadIO (Performable m)) => m b -> m (b, Event t ()) Source #

attach the ready event to the widget, which fires once it's usuable

postpone :: (DomBuilder t m, MonadHold t m) => Event t () -> m () -> m () Source #

Don't display something untill event occurs, combine with getready to delay loading of non-critical components

getReady :: (PostBuild t m, PerformEvent t m, TriggerEvent t m, MonadIO (Performable m)) => m (Event t ()) Source #

This doesn't work always, When finished use: https://github.com/reflex-frp/reflex-dom/pull/273 postbuild is imediate for sampling, adding a delay makes it after widget completes see: https://github.com/reflex-frp/reflex-dom-semui/issues/18