bitx-bitcoin- A Haskell library for working with the BitX bitcoin exchange.

Copyright2015 Tebello Thejane
MaintainerTebello Thejane <>
Portabilitynon-portable (GHC Extensions)
Safe HaskellNone



The private BitX API.

Each one of the calls takes at least a BitXAuth containing a previously-created API id and secret (created by visiting, and will return a BitXAPIResponse..

It would probably be best to create the BitXAuth record using the constructor mkBitXAuth and lens setters:

let auth = mkBitXAuth
             & .~ "dude"
             & BitX.secret .~ "mySecret"
let resp = BitX.getBalances auth


Each API key is granted a set of permissions when it is created. The key can only be used to call the permitted API functions.

Here is a list of the possible permissions:

  • Perm_R_Balance = 1 (View balance)
  • Perm_R_Transactions = 2 (View transactions)
  • Perm_W_Send = 4 (Send to any address)
  • Perm_R_Addresses = 8 (View addresses)
  • Perm_W_Addresses = 16 (Create addresses)
  • Perm_R_Orders = 32 (View orders)
  • Perm_W_Orders = 64 (Create orders)
  • Perm_R_Withdrawals = 128 (View withdrawals)
  • Perm_W_Withdrawals = 256 (Create withdrawals)
  • Perm_R_Merchant = 512 (View merchant invoices)
  • Perm_W_Merchant = 1024 (Create merchant invoices)

A set of permissions is represented as the bitwise OR of each permission in the set. For example the set of permissions required to view balances and orders is Perm_R_Balance | Perm_R_Orders = 33.



newAccount :: BitXAuth -> Account -> IO (BitXAPIResponse Account) Source

Create an additional account for the specified currency

Note that the id field of the second parameter can be left blank. The call will return an Account object resembling the parameter, but with the id field filled in with the newly created account's id.

You must be verified to trade the currency in question in order to be able to create an account.

Perm_W_Addresses permission required.

getBalances :: BitXAuth -> IO (BitXAPIResponse [Balance]) Source

Return account balances

Perm_R_Balance permission required.

getFundingAddress :: BitXAuth -> Asset -> Maybe String -> IO (BitXAPIResponse FundingAddress) Source

Returns the default receive address associated with your account and the amount received via the address

You can specify an optional address parameter to return information for a non-default receive address. In the response, total_received is the total confirmed Bitcoin amount received excluding unconfirmed transactions. total_unconfirmed is the total sum of unconfirmed receive transactions.

Perm_R_Addresses permission is required.

newFundingAddress :: BitXAuth -> Asset -> IO (BitXAPIResponse FundingAddress) Source

Create receive address

Allocates a new receive address to your account. There is a limit of 50 receive addresses per user.

Perm_R_Addresses permission is required.

sendToAddress :: BitXAuth -> BitcoinSendRequest -> IO (BitXAPIResponse RequestSuccess) Source

Send Bitcoin from your account to a Bitcoin address or email address.

If the email address is not associated with an existing BitX account, an invitation to create an account and claim the funds will be sent.

Warning! Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. Please ensure your program has been thoroughly tested before using this call.

Perm_W_Send permission required. Note that when creating an API key on the BitX site, selecting "Full access" is not sufficient to add the Perm_W_Send permission. Instead, the permission needs to be enabled explicitely by selecting "Custom."

getTransactions Source


:: BitXAuth 
-> AccountID 
-> Int

First row returned, inclusive

-> Int

Last row returned, exclusive

-> IO (BitXAPIResponse [Transaction]) 

Return a list of transaction entries from an account.

Transaction entry rows are numbered sequentially starting from 1, where 1 is the oldest entry. The range of rows to return are specified with the min_row (inclusive) and max_row (exclusive) parameters. At most 1000 rows can be requested per call.

If min_row or max_row is nonpositive, the range wraps around the most recent row. For example, to fetch the 100 most recent rows, use min_row=-100 and max_row=0.

Perm_R_Transactions permission required.

getPendingTransactions :: BitXAuth -> AccountID -> IO (BitXAPIResponse [Transaction]) Source

Pending transactions

Return a list of all pending transactions related to the account.

Unlike account entries, pending transactions are not numbered, and may be reordered, deleted or updated at any time.

Perm_R_Transactions permission required.