{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}

-- |
-- Module      :  Network.Bitcoin.BitX.Private.Order
-- Copyright   :  No Rights Reserved
-- License     :  Public Domain
-- Maintainer  :  Tebello Thejane <zyxoas+hackage@gmail.com>
-- Stability   :  Experimental
-- Portability :  non-portable (GHC Extensions)
-- Creating and working with orders
-- Trading on the market is done by submitting trade orders. After a new order has been created,
-- it is submitted for processing by the order matching engine. The order then either matches
-- against an existing order in the order book and is filled or it rests in the order book until it
-- is stopped.

module Network.Bitcoin.BitX.Private.Order
  ) where

import Network.Bitcoin.BitX.Internal
import Network.Bitcoin.BitX.Types
import qualified Data.Text as Txt
import Network.Bitcoin.BitX.Response

{- | Returns a list of the most recently placed orders.

If the second parameter is @Nothing@ then this will return orders for all markets, whereas if it is
@Just cpy@ for some @CcyPair cpy@ then the results will be specific to that market.

If the third parameter is @Nothing@ then this will return orders in all states, whereas if it is
@Just COMPLETE@ or @Just PENDING@ then it will return only completed or pending orders, respectively.

This list is truncated after 100 items.

@Perm_R_Orders@ permission is required.

getAllOrders :: BitXAuth -> Maybe CcyPair -> Maybe RequestStatus -> IO (BitXAPIResponse [PrivateOrder])
getAllOrders auth pair status = simpleBitXGetAuth_ auth url
        url = "listorders" ++ case (pair, status) of
            (Nothing, Nothing)  -> ""
            (Just pr, Nothing)  -> "?pair=" ++ show pr
            (Nothing, Just st)  -> "?state=" ++ show st
            (Just pr, Just st)  -> "?pair=" ++ show pr ++ "&state=" ++ show st

{- | Create a new order.

__Warning! Orders cannot be reversed once they have executed. Please ensure your program has been__
__thoroughly tested before submitting orders.__

@Perm_W_Orders@ permission is required.

postOrder :: BitXAuth -> OrderRequest -> IO (BitXAPIResponse OrderID)
postOrder auth oreq = simpleBitXPOSTAuth_ auth oreq "postorder"

{- | Request to stop an order.

@Perm_W_Orders@ permission is required.

stopOrder :: BitXAuth -> OrderID -> IO (BitXAPIResponse RequestSuccess)
stopOrder auth oid = simpleBitXPOSTAuth_ auth oid "stoporder"

{- | Get an order by its ID

@Perm_R_Orders@ permission is required.

getOrder :: BitXAuth -> OrderID -> IO (BitXAPIResponse PrivateOrderWithTrades)
getOrder auth oid = simpleBitXGetAuth_ auth $ "orders/" ++ Txt.unpack oid