{-| Definition of 'VmScript' an artifact encapsulating several virtual machines
    disk images that can be mounted in an execution environment like
    "B9.LibVirtLXC". A 'VmScript' is embedded by in an
    'B9.ArtifactGenerator.ArtifactGenerator'. -}
module B9.Vm (VmScript (..)
             ,substVmScript) where

import Data.Data
import Data.Generics.Schemes
import Data.Generics.Aliases

import B9.ShellScript
import B9.DiskImages
import B9.ExecEnv
import B9.Content.StringTemplate

-- | Describe a virtual machine, i.e. a set up disk images to create and a shell
-- script to put things together.
data VmScript = VmScript CPUArch [SharedDirectory] Script
              | NoVmScript
  deriving (Read, Show, Typeable, Data, Eq)

substVmScript :: [(String,String)] -> VmScript -> VmScript
substVmScript env = everywhere gsubst
    gsubst :: Data a => a -> a
    gsubst = mkT substMountPoint
             `extT` substSharedDir
             `extT` substScript

    substMountPoint NotMounted = NotMounted
    substMountPoint (MountPoint x) = MountPoint (sub x)

    substSharedDir (SharedDirectory fp mp) =
      SharedDirectory (sub fp) mp
    substSharedDir (SharedDirectoryRO fp mp) =
      SharedDirectoryRO (sub fp) mp
    substSharedDir s = s

    substScript (In fp s) = In (sub fp) s
    substScript (Run fp args) = Run (sub fp) (map sub args)
    substScript (As fp s) = As (sub fp) s
    substScript s = s

    sub = subst env