HaskRel- HaskRel, Haskell as a DBMS with support for the relational algebra

Copyright© Thor Michael Støre, 2015
LicenseGPL v2 without "any later version" clause
Maintainerthormichael át gmail døt com
Safe HaskellSafe




Presentation of tables in a two-dimensional fixed-width font form.


Presentation functions

present1LineValue :: [[String]] -> [String] -> [String] Source

Builds a one-line representation of a value, plus header

presentNLineValue :: [[[String]]] -> [String] -> [String] Source

Builds a multi-line representation of a value, plus header

Utility functions

maxLen :: Ord b => [b] -> [b] -> [b] Source

Given two lists of orderables, produces a list of equal length where each element is that which is the maximum of those elements that are in the same position in the two input lists.

padTranspose :: [[[t]]] -> [[[t]]] Source

Transposes a list of lists of lists, padding the lists of the second dimension with empty lists if they are shorter than the other rows.