#define dummy	-- just to ensure cpp gets called on this file
-- | This is just a convenient way of bunching the XML combinators
--   together with some other things you are likely to want at the
--   same time.
module Text.XML.HaXml
  ( module Text.XML.HaXml.Types
  , module Text.XML.HaXml.Combinators
  , module Text.XML.HaXml.Parse
  , module Text.XML.HaXml.Pretty
  , module Text.XML.HaXml.Html.Generate
  , module Text.XML.HaXml.Html.Parse
  , module Text.XML.HaXml.Validate
  , module Text.XML.HaXml.Wrappers
  , module Text.XML.HaXml.Verbatim
  , module Text.XML.HaXml.Escape
  , render
  , version
  ) where

import Text.XML.HaXml.Types
import Text.XML.HaXml.Combinators
import Text.XML.HaXml.Parse       (xmlParse,dtdParse)
import Text.XML.HaXml.Pretty      (element)
import Text.XML.HaXml.Html.Generate
import Text.XML.HaXml.Html.Parse  (htmlParse)
import Text.XML.HaXml.Validate    (validate)
import Text.XML.HaXml.Wrappers    (fix2Args,processXmlWith)
import Text.XML.HaXml.Verbatim
import Text.XML.HaXml.Escape
import Text.XML.HaXml.Version

import Text.PrettyPrint.HughesPJ  (render)