HaXml-1.25.3: Utilities for manipulating XML documents

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred




typeLift :: Schema -> Schema Source

Transform a Schema by lifting all locally-defined anonymous types to the top-level, naming them, and planting a referend at their original location.

convert :: Environment -> Schema -> [Decl] Source

Given an environment of schema type mappings, and a schema module, create a bunch of Decls that describe the types in a more Haskell-friendly way.

singleton :: a -> [a] Source

consolidate :: Occurs -> (FacetType, Annotation, String) -> Occurs Source

Consolidate a Facet occurrence into a single Occurs value.

supertypeOf :: Environment -> QName -> Maybe QName Source

Find the supertype (if it exists) of a given type name.

repeatedly :: (a -> Maybe a) -> a -> [a] Source

Keep applying the function to transform the value, until it yields Nothing. Returns the sequence of transformed values.