Gene-CluEDO- Hox gene clustering

Safe HaskellNone




aMinDist :: Monad m => ScoreMatrix Double -> SigEdgeProb m Double Double (From :. To) (Int :. To) Source #

Minimal distance algebra

TODO The two Ints are the indices of the nodes and could be replaced?

aInside :: Monad m => ScoreMatrix (Log Double) -> SigEdgeProb m (Log Double) (Log Double) (From :. To) (Int :. To) Source #

Before using aInside the ScoreMatrix needs to be scaled appropriately! Due to performance reasons we don't want to do this within aInside.

edgeProbPartFun :: Double -> ScoreMatrix Double -> [(EdgeBoundary I, Log Double)] Source #

Extract the individual partition scores.

edgeProbScoreMatrix :: Unbox t => ScoreMatrix t -> [(EdgeBoundary I, Log Double)] -> ScoreMatrix (Log Double) Source #

Turn the edge probabilities into a score matrix.