servant-0.12: A family of combinators for defining webservices APIs

Safe HaskellNone





Type-level combinator for expressing subrouting: :>

Type-level combinator for alternative endpoints: :<|>

Type-level combinator for an empty API: EmptyAPI

Accessing information from the request

Capturing parts of the url path as parsed values: Capture and CaptureAll

Retrieving specific headers from the request

Retrieving the HTTP version of the request

Retrieving parameters from the query string of the URI: QueryParam

Accessing the request body as a JSON-encoded type: ReqBody

Retrieving the IP of the client

Is the request made through HTTPS?

Access the location for arbitrary data to be shared by applications and middleware

Access context entries in combinators in servant-server

Actual endpoints, distinguished by HTTP method


Endpoints description

Content Types

Serializing and deserializing types based on Accept and Content-Type headers.

Response Headers

Untyped endpoints

Plugging in a wai Application, serving directories

FromHttpApiData and ToHttpApiData

Classes and instances for types that can be converted to and from HTTP API data.

Experimental modules

General Authentication


Type-safe internal URIs