Changelog for quipper-libraries-

December 29, 2019: Release * Overhauled module structure: Old: New: ==== ==== Quipper.XYZ Quipper.Internal.XYZ QuipperLib.XYZ Quipper.Libraries.XYZ Libraries.XYZ Quipper.Utils.XYZ Algorithms.XYZ Quipper.Algorithms.XYZ tests Quipper.Demos Programs Quipper.Programs * Re-packaged Quipper as Cabal packages. Added executables quipper, quipper-pp, quipperi, quipperdoc in lieu of shell scripts. * Moved PDF Previewer to a separate library in Quipper.Utils.Preview * Added a MonadFail instance to Circ, to keep ghc >= 7.4 happy * Use type class synonyms to avoid warnings about simplifiable class. * Compatibility: removed obsolete functoin Map.insertWith'. * Added MultiControlledNot demo. * Removed dependency on set-monad, which is broken upstream. * Fixed some bugs in the stabilizer simulation. * Moved QuantumIf from BF to Libraries. * Added --help option to all Quipper tools. * Removed Quipper.Utils.ShowAll * Fixed some compiler errors and removed some unnecessary type class assumptions. July 27, 2016: Release 0.8 * Portability: compatibility fixes for GHC 8.0. Note: GHC 7.10 is too broken and will not be supported by Quipper. * Added tests/SimulationTest * Added QPrep and QUnPrep to the simulator October 14, 2014: Release 0.7 * Portability: compatibility fixes for GHC 7.8. January 16, 2014: Release 0.6 * Minor edits and documentation updates. * Added a new gate gate_iX_inv * Added "alternate" version of synthesis algorithm, using only generators of determinant 1 if possible. * Synthesis code is now in an external package "newsynth". * Rendering code is now in an external package "easyrender". * Updated for use with fixedprec- September 2, 2013: Release 0.5 * Portability: compatibility fixes for GHC 7.6.2. * Portability: fixed Windows incompatibility bug. Handling of Ctrl-C may or may not work on Windows, depending on console. * Added quipperi script, analogous to ghci. * New library QuipperLib.ClassicalOptim: algebraic optimization of auto-generated classical circuits. Added "optimized" oracle to BWT algorithm. * QuipperLib.Decompose: Added decomposition into a "standard" gate set, consisting of X, Y, Z, H, S, S-dagger, T, T-dagger, and CNOT. Added KeepPhase flag to some transformers. * QuipperLib.GateDecompositions: added more gates. * New library Libraries.Synthesis.RotationDecomposition: implements a variant of the algorithm from Nielsen and Chuang to decompose an nxn unitary operator into one- and two-level rotations. * New library QuipperLib.Unboxing: unboxing transformers. * Updated ASCII output format; improved circuit parser efficiency. * Miscellaneous bug fixes: malformed W-gates, qdata_of_qubits, floorlog. * Fixed handling of iterated subroutines in depth transformer. * Documentation updates and minor refactoring. June 19, 2013: Release 0.4 * First public release.