Changelog for eventlog2html-0.5.0

0.5, released 2019-10-11 * Add some more metainformation to the header (sample mode and sample interval) * Fix empty sample at start of eventlog * Support for biographical and retaining profiling modes if using at least GHC-8.10. * Fix cost centre profiles to match the output of hp2pretty 0.4, released 2019-09-18 * BREAKING CHANGE: eventlog2html no longer includes traces which have been generated by "traceEvent" or "traceEventIO" from "Debug.Trace" by default. "traceEvent" and "traceEventIO" are supposed to be used for high-frequency events. If you want to trace low-frequency events, especially in order to relate phases of your program to memory usage patterns, use "traceMarker" and "traceMarkerIO" instead. If you want to return to the old behaviour, add the "--include-trace-events" option on the commandline. * Removed "trace PERCENT" option, which had no effect in the code. * Added warning about eventlogs with a lot of traces. * Added option to filter the traces which should be included in the generated output. 0.3, released 2019-09-08 * Added warnings if eventlog2html is used on eventlogs generated by GHC Version without profiling support. * Moved to version 0.4 of HVega. * HeapProfCostCentre and HeapProfSampleCostCentre Events are included in the generated output. 0.2, released 2019-07-05 * Added the commandline option '-o OUTFILE' which writes the output to the given filename. * Show the time the eventlog was created in the generated HTML output. 0.1, released 2019-06-23 * Initial release, a complete rewrite on hp2pretty. Implemented by Matthew Pickering and David Binder.