errors-2.3.0: Simplified error-handling

Safe HaskellSafe




Import this module in your code to access the entire library's functionality:

import Control.Error

This module exports the entire library as well as useful exports from other standard error-handling libraries:

  • Control.Error.Safe: Generalizes the safe library, including Either, EitherT, and MonadPlus variations on total functions
  • Control.Error.Script: Support for simple scripts that catch all errors and transform them to Text
  • Control.Error.Util: Utility functions and conversions between common error-handling types
  • Control.Monad.Trans.Except: The ExceptT monad transformer
  • Control.Monad.Trans.Maybe: The MaybeT monad transformer
  • Data.Either: Either utility functions
  • Data.EitherR: throw and catch functions, and their corresponding "success" monads
  • Data.Maybe: Maybe utility functions
  • Safe: Total versions of partial Prelude functions

This module does not re-export partial functions from other libraries.



module Data.Maybe

module Safe